PROJECTS 2018-2020

The House More Serve More Program managed by the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County (SAWC) provides  “catalyst” assistance for  men and women exiting the Delonis Center shelter to move into permanent housing with private landlords. SAWC will use the funds from RAAH as short term aid for things like first  month’s rent and security deposit. Besides offering the benefit to the persons obtaining homes, the HMSM program frees up places in the shelter for the many needy unsheltered folks.

Housing Stabilization


Community Action Network (CAN) operates children’s and family programs in Ann Arbor public housing communities. RAAH funds will support their Housing Stabilization program, through which resident families with limited financial  literacy receive guidance to help them avoid eviction and better manage their resources.


Wellness Housing

This program managed by Unified Health HIV and Beyond  (UHHB) provides housing for persons in Washtenaw County living with HIV. UHHB is the only service agency in the county administering the funding in the program Housing Opportunities for People Living With Aids (HOPWA). Part of the grant from RAAH will pay for program activities, such as housing placement, not covered by HOPWA’s very rigid guidelines.

Community Risk Mitigation Fund

Local agencies trying to help people off the streets and into safe rental dwellings often find private landlords reluctant to take on tenants with a history of homelessness. Washtenaw Housing Alliance (WHA) and local workers in the Affordable Housing field recognized the need to provide those landlords some assurance that their cooperation would not hurt their bottom line. The Community Risk Mitigation Fund, to which RAAH Intends to contribute $5000, provides such assurance in the form of an account which can compensate landlords whose units may have been damaged by clients of local agencies.


 Avalon Family Support  Teams

Avalon Housing caseworkers provide housing-based case management and a comprehensive array of individual and community based supports to formerly homeless families.Once a family’s housing is stabilized, they are able to turn their energies to addressing other challenges – most importantly mental and physical health care, recovery from addiction, child welfare and parenting. For chronically homeless families, this change can be dramatic.


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